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Better Decisions.
Better Life. 

A financial coach is important to people of all ages and backgrounds. A coach helps people make better financial decisions and improve their financial well-being by educating individuals in a wide range of topics. With the highest ethical standards employed, financial education should never be misconstrued with advisory or sales. 

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Five Essentials of Financial Coaching

Why Financial Coaching

Make Informed Decisions. Empowerment. Reduce Financial Stress.


Make Informed Decisions

Understand the risks and potential rewards of different financial options. Become more financially literate.   



Take control of your financial life. Make choices with your money and investments. Create a financial safety net.


Reduce Financial Stress

Improve your financial well-being. Get outside help and coaching. Identify and avoid common pitfalls and financial charlatans. 

No Sales.
No Commissions.

No Kidding.  


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Your Trusted Financial Coach

Ed Russo is a financial coach who empowers individuals with financial knowledge and walks alongside them with even-handedness. Ed is completely transparent and will always act with honesty and integrity, avoiding conflicts of interest. 

Financial coaching is for any stage of life whether you are single, married, divorced, a widow, or widower. The mental aspect of finances cannot be underestimated. Improve your mindset and take control of your financial future.

Teacher. Facilitator. Accountability Partner. Motivator. Encourager. Coach Ed.

Financial Coach Ed

“I'm a teacher, 
facilitator, accountability partner, motivator and encourager."

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One-to-One Consultation

Personalized approach to learning about planning, credit,  budgeting, investing, taxes, and insurance. Beneficial for people of all ages and incomes. For those who are going through major life changes, or who are trying to reach specific financial goals. 

Pro Bono Workshops

Pro bono workshops for non-profits. Participants will gain an understanding of key financial concepts. Featuring topics in financial psychology, goal setting, debt management, and behaviorial change. 

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Education & Training

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